3 Crystals and Gemstones for Healing Energy

Are you looking to tap into your spiritual side but have no clue where to begin? Have crystals and gemstones spoken to you before but you never took the time to listen? The realm of the metaphysical can be daunting, but just like any other area of interest, these things can be researched and learned over time. Don’t overwhelm yourself and cram all of your knowledge into one day; the beauty of spirituality is not knowing everything, but wanting to learn and experience more with time.

We’ve gathered information about the crystals that we currently carry in store and have compiled them into this list so you can pick whichever sets suit your needs the best. It is encouraged that you delve deeper below the surface understanding of these crystals to find what it means to you or how you feel when you utilize them. Not all are created equal, and not all will influence your lives in the same way that they do in others - so it is important that you take the time to get to know your crystals while simultaneously achieving a deeper understanding of yourself.

Clear Quartz

 Clear quartz is a STAPLE to have in your crystal collection. Not only is it known as a healing stone, but it also is a great cleanser for your other crystals! Light passes through this stone and “charges” the stones below it, making the forces in them much more powerful. We will discuss charging crystals in a separate post, so be on the lookout for that in the future!

Clear quartz amplifies energy, which makes it a natural healing agent. Any negative energy will be drawn towards it, while positive energy surges from it. Think of it as a plant or tree; oxygen is released into the atmosphere from them while carbon dioxide is absorbed, creating balance. It also aids memory retention, keeps the immune system in check, and helps to align the chakras when paired with other stones. Basically, clear quartz is the OG in the stone realm. There are also other variants and colors of quartz, so if clear quartz helps you, be on the lookout for others, such as rose quartz mentioned below.

Rose Quartz

Similar to clear quartz, rose quartz is a transparent crystal that has a soft, baby pink hue. It is said to be the stone of universal love, but not just the romantic kind! Rose quartz helps with relationships, platonic friendships, familial relationships and more. In order for trust and harmony to be restored within relationships, it helps the user understand how to be more kind to themselves. 

Since rose quartz is symbolic of the heart, it also aids in circulatory system regulation and can help with high blood pressure. It also is said that it is protective of pregnant women and their unborn child. Women greatly benefit from carrying and utilizing rose quartz, as it is a sign of the divine feminine and female energy.


If you are a sufferer of anxiety, this stone is for you! Selenite aids in mental clarity, serenity, purification of space, and positive thinking. This crystal is essential to the meditation space, as it allows you to achieve a deeper understanding of anything that you’re going through. Being able to reflect more deeply on the issues at hand is what makes selenite the perfect addition to your meditation rituals.

Selenite also helps with the flexibility in the body and is said to help reverse any damage from free radicals. Other health benefits include light sensitivity reduction, reduced appearance of age spots and wrinkles, and potentially balances epileptic disorders. Like quartz, there are many color variations that aid in different rituals and ailments, so research the one that would be most beneficial in your practice!

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