Understanding the Law of Attraction

Picture this: It’s a Monday. Your bed feels too comfortable to leave, you haven’t completely recovered from the weekend, and the snooze button is closer than the off button on your alarm clock. Another five minutes of sleep turns into ten, and now you’re having to rush to get ready for work. You hastily pour a bowl of cereal and spill your milk all over the counter, you begin to curse at your flyaway bedhead hair, and it takes you way too long to find your keys. Now you’re late to work, have a lot to catch up on, and seemingly not enough time to do it. Mondays, am I right?

Actually… no! The day of the week has nothing to do with how your morning has started. More likely than not, you woke up dreading the day ahead and subconsciously have created this chaotic mess that could have entirely been avoided had you started your day with a completely different mindset. You knew that you weren’t going to have a good day because it’s not the weekend anymore, you have to go back to work, and you can’t laze around all day watching random YouTube videos and ordering takeout. Because you woke up with all of these expectations, you manifested a day that would not turn out the way you planned it to. There is nothing wrong with the day “Monday” itself; what is wrong is the way we choose to feel about Mondays due to societal influences and past experiences. 

Wouldn’t it have been a lot nicer if you woke up and told yourself that today was going to be a great day instead of dreading what was to come? Starting your day off with a nice, hot shower, some tunes, and a healthy breakfast sets you up for success, but what about that little voice inside of your head? No matter how smoothly your day is going on the outside, what really counts is how you FEEL about your day.

In layman's terms, the Law of Attraction says that you can manifest anything you want by having a positive mindset and by overcoming the little voice inside of your head that tells you that those things aren’t possible. In your life, you attract the things that you are emotional about - the things that you continue to tell yourself are true or false. If you spend time and energy thinking about how much you hate your job and dread going into work, obviously you’re going to have a bad day at work. You miss out on so many opportunities when you gripe about the things you have no control over instead of channeling positive energy into the things that are important to you. 

Now more than ever, people are seeing that mental health is just as important as physical health. There is a huge surge of people who are suffering from conditions like anxiety and depression because there isn’t a lot of good going on in the world right now, and it can be hard to stay optimistic. The Law of Attraction goes hand-in-hand with another technique that psychologists implement in their patients a lot called Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of letting yourself feel your emotions as they come to you, but not dwelling on them and transferring your energy elsewhere. Let’s say you get a flat tire. You COULD react to it in a way that makes it seem like the most awful and inconvenient thing in the world, or you could choose to see it as, “Thank goodness it was only a flat tire and not a dangerous accident!” Mindfulness does not change the situation, but rather the way that we respond to the things that are out of our control.

Practicing the Law of Attraction might seem strange to you at first, but that’s why it’s called practice. Over time, your brain will begin to shift the way you think; just as it did when you began to think in a negative manner. If you suffer from anxiety, do you remember when you started to become anxious? When fear was beginning to take control over your life? Your thought patterns changed, and it became hard to see things in any other way. If you begin your day knowing that at any given time you’re likely to have a panic attack, you are manifesting that into your day and become a ticking timebomb of nervousness. 

As Rhonda Byrnes said in her best-seller, The Secret, “You create your life. Whatever you sow, you reap! Your thoughts are seeds, and the harvest you reap will depend on the seeds you plant.” Not only are the seeds important, but the way you choose to take care of them as well! You cannot expect a seed to germinate and grow overnight without the proper attention, care, and water. Your thoughts are the same way. You can recognize that your patterns of thinking are wrong, but only you can choose to correct how you respond to stimuli in your everyday life. 

You deserve to feel happy, accomplished, enriched and fulfilled. The sky’s the limit, but we tend to limit ourselves to what we perceive that we are comfortable with. Comfort is why we choose not to face our demons and rebuild our lives from the ground up. The Law of Attraction states that if we tell ourselves that something will be true, then it will become true. Start telling yourself you’re going to have a good day. Start telling yourself that you are valuable, and good at what you do. Start believing that good things will happen to you if you will for them to happen, and you will notice a massive improvement in your life. You can do whatever you set your mind to do, and we believe in you!

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