CCELL Sandwave

Color: Midnight Black
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Introducing the CCELL Sandwave 510 Battery, a revolution in vaping technology that takes your experience to new heights! Prepare to be captivated by its innovative features and stunning design. With the Sandwave, you're in control of your vaping journey, customizing every puff to perfection.

Enhanced Flavor, Potent Hits

Get ready for an extraordinary flavor explosion! The Sandwave boasts a user-friendly slide switch with three temperature settings. Experience the full spectrum of taste and potency with the following options:

  • 2.8V: Immerse yourself in maximum flavor.
  • 3.2V: Strike the perfect balance between flavor and intensity.
  • 3.6V: Unleash massive clouds of vapor for an intense vaping session.

Unparalleled Comfort

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to pure satisfaction! The Sandwave features a stimulating silicone wave grip that ensures a seamless vaping experience. Its discreet and compact body fits perfectly in your hand, offering a firm and ergonomic hold. With every inhale, you'll experience true bliss like never before.

A Symphony of Elegance

Prepare to embark on a visual journey with the Sandwave's captivating color options. From the timeless elegance of midnight black to the refreshing tones of mint green, marine green, tropical yellow, lavender, and coral pink, each shade reflects a unique personality. Let your true colors shine as you explore a vibrant palette that matches your style.

Effortless Convenience, Serene Inhalation

Savor the simplicity of vaping with the Sandwave. It's equipped with advanced draw-to-activate technology, eliminating the need for button taps. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience by simply inhaling. The Sandwave responds instantly, transforming your favorite oil into rich, smooth vapor that bursts with flavor.

Elevate your vaping experience to new heights with the CCELL Sandwave 510 Battery. Indulge in its cutting-edge features, ergonomic design, and vibrant color options. Discover true comfort, unrivaled elegance, and effortless satisfaction with every inhale.

Box includes:

  • 1x CCELL Sandwave
  • 2x Magnetic Connector
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card


3 Temp Settings, Unmatched Performance

Elevate your vaping experience with Sandwave. Designed with a user-friendly slide switch, it offers three temperature settings tailored to enhance both flavor and potency. Whether you prefer intense flavor profiles, powerful hits, or a golden medium between the two, Sandwave ensures an exceptional vaping experience every time.

Comfort, Perfected

Bid farewell to discomfort and say hello to a seamless and satisfying vaping experience! Featuring a stimulating silicone wave grip and discreet compact body, Sandwave fits perfectly in hand, providing a firm and ergonomic hold allowing every inhale to provide true bliss.

The Embodiment of Elegance

Embark on a journey through a world of color with Sandwave's captivating hues. From the timeless elegance of midnight black to the refreshing tones of mint green, marine green, tropical yellow, lavender, and coral pink, each shade complements different personalities. Indulge in a vibrant palette that invites you to explore and express your true colors with Sandwave!

Embrace Ease, Inhale Serenity

Experience the ultimate in effortless vaping with Sandwave. Featuring advanced draw-to-activate technology, Sandwave eliminates the need for button taps, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience. Simply inhale, and Sandwave instantly responds, transforming your favorite oil into rich, smooth vapor bursting with flavor!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
ava s.

theyre so cute and your website had such a great variety of things, it didnt even take too long to ship and it was discreet packaging which i appreciate tysm :)

Colin H.

This thing is solid. It hits hard, the battery on it is pretty good I was surprised. Wish the blinker was a bit longer, and it’s the perfect size as well

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