Dr. Dabber XS™ Khalifa Kush (Limited Edition)

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When one hears the iconic name Khalifa Kush, the image of the celebrated rapper Wiz Khalifa immediately comes to mind. Recognized as the founder of Taylor Gang Entertainment and a bold proponent of cannabis, Wiz Khalifa represents the dynamic essence of the cannabis culture.

The Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ stands as a tribute to dedication to quality, premium design, and the pinnacle of vaporizing experiences. Designed with exact engineering, this limited edition device embodies the core of both esteemed brands, marrying Dr. Dabber's proficiency in vaporizer innovation with the famed Khalifa Kush heritage.

Discover the Enchantment of Thermo-Chromatic Technology

The Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ showcases an awe-inspiring thermo-chromatic reaction. Revel in the luscious flavors of selected concentrates, and be entranced as the device beautifully transitions from its sleek black facade to a radiant yellow, displaying the enchanting allure of heat-responsive color transformation.

Travel Bag with a Hue-Shift Twist

Accompanying this exceptional device, there's an elegantly designed matching bag that is bound to garner admiration. But its beauty is more than skin deep! This distinctive bag exhibits a special color-altering phenomenon, mirroring the Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ device. Witness its hue evolution when subjected to heat, unveiling a dazzling play of colors that accentuates your refined choice in vaporizers.

Elevated Performance and Beyond

The Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ not only enchants with its visual metamorphosis but also promises an unmatched vaporizing journey. Dive into the silkiest and richest vapor, as this unparalleled device seamlessly processes a range of cannabis concentrates, from waxes to crystals. Featuring meticulous temperature regulation and state-of-the-art design, the Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ propels your experiences to unmatched pinnacles.

Cherish the Heritage and Join an Exceptional Movement

This union transcends mere performance and aesthetic brilliance. It's a toast to a mutual dream, a collaborative intent to shatter conventions, and an ambition to uplift the cannabis society. The Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ epitomizes genuineness, liberty, and the fearless quest for individuality.

Be informed that the Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS™ is a limited edition offering, positioning it as a must-have for aficionados and connoisseurs. Don't miss out on your golden opportunity to possess this treasured emblem of cannabis culture.

What's in the box?

  • XS Replacement e-Chamber
  • XS Replacement Filling Tool
  • XS Replacement Glass Attachment
  • XS Replacement Carb Cap w/ Seal
  • Loading Tool
  • XS Khalifa Kush Limited Edition E-Rig
  • XS Khalifa Kush Limited Edition Bag

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