Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Roomies

Size: Medium | 16" x 10"
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Introduce a touch of whimsical camaraderie to your dabbing space with the Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Roomies, a design that celebrates both music and friendship.

The Roomies design showcases a charming scene featuring a pair of skeletal figures, embodying the Grateful Dead's iconic and playful imagery. These skeletal roommates are depicted bonding over their shared love of music, creating a heartwarming tableau that resonates with fans of all ages. Surrounded by subtle musical references, this design not only pays tribute to the legendary band's musical heritage but also captures a sense of communal joy and shared experiences.

Crafted for durability and utility, this dab mat is made from shock-absorbent rubber, ensuring a safe and stable base for your glass pieces. The screen-printed fabric top layer adds an additional level of protection against scratches and slipping, keeping your precious equipment secure. Whether it's for a seasoned Grateful Dead fan or someone who appreciates the blend of music and art, this mat offers both practicality and a delightful aesthetic.

Size Options:

  • Round: 8 inches (20.32 cm) diameter, 5mm thickness
  • Medium: 16 inches x 10 inches (40.64 cm x 25.4 cm), 2.5mm thickness

Product Features:

  • Robust shock-absorbent rubber base
  • High-quality screen-printed fabric top
  • Excellent protection for glass pieces against damage and scratches
  • Unique Roomies design featuring skeletal figures and musical motifs
  • Officially licensed Grateful Dead x Pulsar Collaboration
  • Available in two convenient sizes

The Grateful Dead x Pulsar Dab Mat | Roomies is more than just a dab mat; it's an artistic expression of music, companionship, and the enduring spirit of the Grateful Dead, making your dabbing experience both safe and stylistically satisfying.

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