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Introducing the Playboy x RYOT Loaded Krypto-Kit: your sleek, pocket-sized companion designed for both style and functionality. Updated with a classic white and pink aesthetic and featuring rose gold accents, this kit is the pinnacle of portable storage solutions for your smoking essentials. It's redesigned to enhance portability without compromising on odor control or style.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Krypto-Kit Case
  • 1x Aluminum One Hitter
  • 1x Playboy Rolling Papers
  • 1x RYOT Poker Tool
  • 1x RYOT Fresh Pod

Key Features:

  • RYOT Patented SmellSafe Technology: Experience the best in odor control with carbon permeated padding that traps odors effectively, paired with coated weather-proof fabric and a moisture seal zipper to keep contents discreet and protected from the elements.
  • Lockable Zipper: Adds an extra layer of security to your kit (lock not included), ensuring your items are safe and private.
  • Odor Absorption Antimicrobial Microfibers: These specialized microfibers not only absorb odors but also prevent the growth of bacteria, keeping your kit fresh and hygienic.
  • Smart Storage Options: Includes panels to store cash, cards, or papers, alongside a removable RYOT Freshness Pod, ensuring optimal organization and accessibility.
  • Convenient Accessories Included: This kit comes equipped with a Playboy rose gold spring one hitter, Playboy rolling papers, and a RYOT poker—all designed to enhance your smoking experience on the go.
  • Elastic Storage Loop and Stretch Gusseted Pocket: Keep your one hitter securely in place and store a lighter or other small items conveniently.

Design & Construction:
Crafted with a focus on compact design and high functionality, the Krypto-Kit offers a sleek, stylish way to carry your essentials. The sophisticated color palette and rose gold accents cater to a discerning taste, making it a must-have accessory for the modern enthusiast.

Perfect For:
Ideal for those who prioritize elegance, discretion, and practicality, the Playboy x RYOT Loaded Krypto-Kit is suited for everyday carry. Whether you're on the move, traveling, or enjoying a night out, this kit ensures that you're prepared without sacrificing style.

Elevate your accessory game with the Playboy x RYOT Loaded Krypto-Kit. With advanced SmellSafe technology and stylish, functional design, this compact kit is perfect for keeping your smoking essentials organized, secure, and discreetly contained. Embrace the ultimate in sophistication and utility with Playboy and RYOT’s exclusive collaboration.

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