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Introducing RAW Garden Plantable Tips, an innovative collaboration between the eco-conscious minds at bloomer and the iconic rolling paper artisans at RAW. Elevate your smoking experience with the world’s first wildflower-blooming filter tips that not only enhance your sessions but also contribute to the beauty of the planet.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Crafted with bloomer’s exclusive, secret blend of organic vegetarian waxes, RAW Garden Plantable Tips are more than just filters. Embedded within are noninvasive and native wildflower seeds that await their chance to sprout into vibrant blossoms. The brilliantly formulated wax effortlessly adheres to your favorite rolling papers, delivering a seamless rolling experience that’s perfect for aficionados and novices alike.

Biodiversity in a Puff: Each RAW Garden Plantable Tip serves as a guardian for the precious seeds it carries, providing a biodegradable haven that nurtures future blooms. With every pack, you receive ten chances to not just enjoy a natural smoke but to also sow seeds of sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 10 plantable filter tips
  • 100% organic and biodegradable materials
  • Seed-embedded wax, featuring 100% noninvasive & native wildflower varieties
  • Proudly engineered and produced in Miami, USA
  • Patented design with a focus on sustainability
  • A unique approach to saving the bees and promoting biodiversity

The Heart of RAW Garden Tips: While the exact recipe remains a guarded treasure, each RAW Garden Plantable Tip is an alchemy of 100% organic, sustainably-sourced vegetarian wax blend paired with high-pollinating, noninvasive native wildflower seeds. This botanical blend is not just kind to the Earth; it provides a protective barrier, ensuring that your enjoyment doesn't cost the planet.

Seeds of Tomorrow: These filters feature a curated selection of RHA-listed, “Plants for Pollinators” wildflower seeds. This means that not only will you witness a personal garden flourish, but you'll also be supporting vital pollinators that are essential to the ecosystem.

Patience Plants Beauty: In about 9-12 months, watch your RAW Garden Plantable Tips give life to a wildflower haven, depending on the local climate and conditions where they are planted. The wait contributes to a greener tomorrow and a more beautiful today.

Planting with Purpose: After savoring your session, give back to nature by planting your RAW Garden Plantable Tip about half an inch deep in soil, preferably outdoors where it can bask in sunlight and natural rainfall. The organic composition of these filters is designed to decompose naturally, nourishing the seeds as they transform into flourishing wildflowers.

Join us in this eco-conscious journey; with RAW Garden Plantable Tips, every puff can plant a future. It’s not just smoking; it’s an investment in the planet.

Customer Reviews

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De'niece B.
Perfect Gift

My green thumb buddy loved it

Rickey C.
Great product

Love the filters and they are nice and love the wild flowers

Emily M.
So excited for this!

I couldn't find the raw garden tips anywhere, and Recover Botanicals had quick shipping at a good price. I'm so obsessed with them already

Joshua M.
Great product and delivery

Excellent product and for economy shipping it got to my house fast. Also got a cute sticker that’s the Recover Botanicals logo!! Neat!

Me like

Awesome service really liked the tips will shop again in the future

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