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Discover the extraordinary world of TRE House Magic Mushroom Gummies, where each flavor is not just a treat for the palate but a gateway to a profound, mind-expanding journey. The six meticulously crafted flavors are infused with a proprietary blend of legal, functional mushrooms, known for their ability to transport you to new realms of consciousness and spiritual experiences.

Flavorful Journeys:

  • Juicy Mango: Let the tropical burst of Juicy Mango carry you to distant shores and sunlit dreams, igniting a sense of adventure with every bite.
  • Strawberry Dream: Drift through a strawberry-scented fantasy, where the sweet essence leads you on a path of joyous discoveries and serene landscapes.
  • Watermelon Wonder: Embrace the summer spirit with Watermelon Wonder, evoking vivid imagery of tranquil days and the gentle touch of a summer breeze.
  • Blue Raspberry: Blue Raspberry invites you on a tangy journey, stirring the soul with its vibrant, berry-infused escapades.
  • Sour Apple: Sour Apple is a zesty call to the wild side, an invitation to explore uncharted territories of taste and experience.
  • Sour Tropical: A tropical blend of pineapple, mango, and orange, Sour Tropical is a symphony of exotic flavors, beckoning you to mystical island adventures.

Mushroom Magic:

  • TRE House gummies blend the natural, earthy goodness of mushrooms with delightful flavors, creating a holistic experience that nourishes both body and mind.
  • Functional mushrooms have been revered for centuries for their spiritual and wellness properties, offering a natural pathway to deep introspection and heightened awareness.
  • Each gummy is a catalyst for a journey of self-discovery, inner peace, and spiritual awakening, accentuating the natural rhythms of your body and mind.


  • Profound Mind and Body Relaxation
  • Euphoric Waves of Joy and Well-being
  • Enhanced Sensory Perception
  • Deep Spiritual Connection
  • A Harmonious Blend of Relaxation and Adventure

Directions for a Transcendent Experience:

  • Start with a small serving, immersing yourself in the flavor and awaiting the transformative journey.
  • Allow 30 minutes to two hours for the full effect, as patience paves the way for a more enriching experience.
  • Choose a setting that complements your journey, whether under the starlit sky or in the comfort of your sanctuary.
  • Respect the power of the experience; do not rush to increase your dose. Let the journey unfold naturally.

Ideal for Adventurers: If you yearn for a break from the mundane, a deeper connection with your inner self, or a new perspective on life, these gummies are your companions on this quest. They offer not just a break from the routine but a new lens to view the world, enriching your appreciation for the simple and the profound.

Caution: These gummies can lead to powerful, mind-altering experiences. Designed for adults 21 and over. Refrain from driving or operating machinery after indulging. Consume TRE House products with mindfulness and respect for their potency.

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